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February 2017 Income Report

The latest income from Get Post Cookie - the results of some experimentation with Cheatography ads, and the rebrand continues!

February Fun

January got us off to a great start in 2017, with excellent earnings and a big jump in profit. I was hoping Febuary was going to continue with more of the same, but there was one big hurdle.

A couple of months ago, I made the decision to move my main earning website from to The new name is shorter, unhyphenated and more memorable, and gives me a little latitude to stray off into other useful text analytics offerings.

The move itself was a process I've been through a dozen times in my career. It's a process with plenty of potential pitfalls, and typically there is a temporary drop in traffic following a domain name. Sometimes that drop in traffic isn't temporary. It's all in the hands of that most capricious of internet Gods - the mighty Googthulhu.

So, I set up 301 redirects from the old domain to the new, ran through the Google Webmaster Tools change of domain tool, submitted a new sitemap, and waited. And within a few days, traffic to the new site had dropped by about 70%. This was stressful. The wait to see if it comes back up, and how quickly, can make it seem like time itself has stopped. I must have spent nearly the entire last two weeks glued to Google Analytics.

Fortunately, on February 28th, search engine positions, and therefore traffic, have started to recover. There's still a way to go, but it's movement in the right direction.

For this income report, it compounds the natural problem that February is about 10% shorter than a normal month. If the month was 31 days, and the domain move hadn't reduced traffic, I'd be reporting a nice jump in earnings. As it is, things have stayed relatively steady, and I'm OK with that.

Meanwhile, my advertising experiment on Cheatography hasn't really panned out. The ads being displayed were less profitable than AdSense, and the company didn't really seem to understand why that might be a problem. I still hate having the site 100% ad-supported, but until I find something good to replace it with, that's what it needs to be.

Revenue - had a large overhaul in April 2016 and quickly became my highest earning website. Income comes from a premium subscription model giving access to tools and alerts, but the core functionality - measuring the readability of text - is free.

Revenue - Cheatography

Cheatography is my busiest site, and is a cheat sheet builder and repository which earns a modest income from advertising. It needs more attention than it gets, and I believe has tremendous potential. It currently has over 2400 cheat sheets, the largest collection anywhere, most of which are unique to the site.

Revenue - ApolloPad

ApolloPad is a novel-writing web app, with a monthly subscription model (when it comes out of beta). It's not earning anything yet, as it's still in relatively early development.

Revenue - CrosswordCheats

CrosswordCheats is a crossword solver and cryptic crossword clue trainer. The clue trainer bit is the bit I'm most proud of, and the piece least used. At the moment, it generates a small income through AdSense advertising, but the long-term goal is to offer a subscription for access to the best features.

Revenue Totals

Item Last Month This Month $8,120.98 $7,826.79-4%
Cheatography $563.75 $561.29-0%
Crossword Cheats $44.07 $27.93-37%
ApolloPad $0.00 $0.000%
Total $8,728.80 $8,416.01-4% Customers

I've turned the customer table into a shiny new chart, and included the customer count since I first started offering premium subscriptions on the old version of the site in 2014. It's come a long way since then!


Item Last Month This Month
Hosting - Linode -$85.00 -$85.000%
Hosting - CloudFlare -$20.00 -$20.000%
Hosting - AWS -$1.48 -$1.29+13%
Domain Names - 123-Reg $35.86 $35.860%
Domain Names - Zonomi -$1.27 -$1.270%
Transaction Fees - Gumroad -$18.85 -$17.95+5%
Transaction Fees - Stripe -$347.01 -$419.42-21%
Marketing - Cheatography - Social Media -$260.00 -$260.000%
Marketing - - Copywriter -$997.09 -$997.090%
Marketing - ApolloPad - Social Media -$260.00 -$260.000%
Share of Company Expenses -$263.24 -$263.240%
Coworking Space -$34.75 -$34.750%
Total-$2,252.83 -$2,324.15-3%


Item Last Month This Month
Revenue $8,728.80 $8,416.01-4%
Expenses -$2,252.83 -$2,324.15-3%
Profit $6,475.97 $6,091.86-6%

Next Targets

Target Timescale Progress
$6,000/mo profit Short (2016) 102%
$8,000/mo profit Medium (2017) 76%
$10,000/mo profit Long (2018) 61%

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