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The Passive Income Index

Introducing the Passive Income Index, my new tool for sifting through, and keeping up to date with, the best posts in the ever-expanding collection of Income Reports from around the web.

There are literally thousands of people releasing income reports every month online. Maybe tens of thousands. Searching for just the phrase "February 2016 Income Report" shows 3000 results, and that's not everyone.

But there's gold in them there hills. While a great many of those reports are going to be fairly mundane, there are some which will have nuggets of wisdom. There will be people reporting on great successes, and great failures. And, if you are interested in income reports, it's likely that it's those you are interested in.

You probably aren't interested in "Yup, this month was the same as last month". You don't want to see "I didn't do anything" or "No change". You want to see "How I increased my profit 50% last month" and "I doubled my income with a new product launch".

But you can't be expected to trawl through 3,000 passive income blogs by yourself, can you. That's madness.

Even worse, what do you do if you want to see income reports, but not the rest of the posts on a site? If you subscribe to their RSS feed, you end up with everything, but that's not necessarily what you want.

Well, I had the same problem. But this is a problem which can be solved with automation. And automation is what I do, so I've created .... drum roll please:

The Passive Income Index

The Passive Income Index is a system which tracks the income reports of a huge collection of passive income bloggers. When they release a new income report, we add their new entry to the index, and it tracks their progress over time.

When you view the index, you can see a run-down of everyone's reports, along with the change month-on-month for that person. You can click on any dollar amount to go directly to that report. You can even subscribe to some interesting RSS feeds. Only want to see reports from people with whose profits increased that month? No problem, we have that.

Best of all, if you are just looking for inspiration, you can use the index to find people who have been in a similar position to you, and how (and when) they improved their earnings, diving directly into their reports.

At the moment the index includes income reports from January 2016 onwards, though I'd like to add some historical data in the future. It's also monitoring about 50 sites, but I'm adding more as I find them.

Are We Missing Someone? Are We Missing You?

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