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My Passive Income Portfolio

I have been building websites for a long time, and have amassed a collection of sites of varying quality, some currently earning revenue and some not so much. Here's a run-down of what's in my portfolio.

I completed a review of my portfolio in April 2016, in which I attempted to evaluate each site objectively and made some decisions about which I was keeping and which were to be sold / disposed of / shelved / taken out back.

Live and Earning

Cheatography is my busiest site, and is a cheat sheet builder and repository. Born from the cheat sheets I released over the last 15 years or so (you might have seen my Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet), it's both a tool for creating cheat sheets and a repository for finding them. Income is, at the moment, entirely advertising-based, and all from Google AdSense.

Read all posts about Cheatography » (formerly has surprised me plenty of times over the years. It is cited in academic papers, and provides genuine value to its users. Following a complete overhaul in April 2016, it's also my highest earning site.

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CrosswordCheats is a crossword solver and cryptic crossword clue trainer. The clue trainer bit is the bit I'm most proud of, and the piece least used. At the moment, it generates a small income through AdSense advertising.

In Beta

I began work on ApolloPad late last year, and it is a really exciting project, still in beta. I'm expecting to start charging for it later this year. It's a novel-writing app, with some nifty features and a monthly subscription model.


TriviBot is a twitter quiz bot. It asks questions, and awards points for the first right answer. First to ten wins the game.

Mathaversaries celebrates the passing of time - it will tell you when you've been married 1000 days, or when you are 1 Jupiter year old. It's a fun site, but it's never given me much cause to think it could generate income.

Off To The Farm To Live With The Johnsons

FeedbackFair is a consumer review service. Pass it details of orders placed on your site, and we will collect unedited feedback for you to display to other customers on your store. It boosts your SEO, helps with conversions, and even helps highlight potential problems with your product range or service.

IconJoiner started as a tool I needed to quickly generate sets of icons with overlays. It's used a little, but has no real monetisation, and I can't see people paying to use it (and there are other free options now as well).

Envoy started as a bug tracking and work management tool, with the ability to create work, assign it to people, track changes and all the tools you expect from a bug tracker or work manager. It even has time tracking and Wiki functionality. But it suffered from a lack of development time and hasn't really changed in the last 5 or 6 years. was a short-lived dream, an idea to create and run a rugby forum that focussed on the current tournaments or competitions of the moment.